Maya sauce with sweetcorn

A sauce that will take you back to ancient Mayan times when sweetcorn was one of the basic ingredients of their diet.

  • Time: 25'
  • Difficulty: chef

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 g of fresh and soft corn grains, 120 ml extra virgin olive oil, 30 ml red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to season

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salsa maya

Boil the still soft sweetcorn and then finely sieve it to obtain a thick mash. Place the mash in a saucepan and add first the extra virgin olive oil and then the vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Continue to cook in the pan until the sauce turns into a smooth cream and the thickness is of your pleasing.

Top tips:
For a sauce with a more distinctive flavour: add a pinch of nutmeg while you mix the other ingredients in the saucepan. Nutmeg is spice indigenous to the Moluccas islands and today is widely used to give flavour to sauces or fillings. Serve the freshly-made sauce at room temperature in a large bowl for sharing. This way you’ll relive the conviviality typical of Central America, from where this sauce gets its inspiration. We suggest enjoying this sweetcorn sauce with Pata White Tortilla Chips, one of our products that evokes the Mexican way-of-life. Or if you want to make your aperitif burn brighter, try Pata Chili Tortilla Chips. Slightly spicy with an unmistakable taste.

Drink with:
Alcoholic drinks: to fully recreate the Central American ambiance, we suggest pairing up the sauce and tortilla chips with a Michelada or CervezaPreparada, a traditional Mexican beer and lime drink.

Non-alcoholic drinks: a refreshing pineapple juice mixed with sparkling water and a teaspoon of orange syrup, served with crushed ice.

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