Tomato salsa

A salsa to be enjoyed on a summer’s evening watching the setting sun from a terrace overlooking the sea, far removed from the frenzy of daily life. The only thing this salsa really has in common with other salsas is its coarsely-cut pieces of raw tomato; this is without doubt one of the best ways to truly savour the taste of this fruit (in its countless varieties) that ripens to its very best at the height of summer.

  • Tempo: 20' + 2 hours standing time
  • Difficulty: chef

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 g juicy ripe (but not too ripe) tomatoes, for example Liguria ox heart tomatoes, cut into cubes; 40 g grated Parmesan cheese, 2 handfuls of basil leaves (one to leave to marinate, the other to garnish the salsa), a pinch of fresh oregano, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, salt to season

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salsa peperoncino

Blanch the tomatoes so as to be able to easily remove the peel. Cut them open, let them drip dry and remove the seeds. Cut them into small cubes about ½ cm wide and place them in a large soup tureen. Add the extra virgin olive oil and the basil, a large pinch of fresh oregano and the parmesan. Leave the salsa to stand for a couple of hours then add salt and pepper to taste.

Top tips:
Tips for a more aromatic version: add to the mixture (which you will then leave to stand for a while) a small finely-chopped white onion or a couple of cloves of finely-diced fresh garlic, or even a tablespoon of fresh Pantelleria capers. If using the capers, don’t add salt: leave it up to the capers to give the salsa its flavour. Remember that to preserve the aroma of the basil you should carefully clean it with a fine cloth instead of washing it with water! Serve at room temperature directly from the soup tureen it has been standing in for two hours. Garnish the salsa with oregano and basil leaves. We suggesting enjoying this tomato salsa with our hand-crafted Pata crisps. The crunchiness of the crisps will counterbalance the softness of the tomato cubes. For a more “Italian” flavour, try the salsa with our Da Vinci crisps, made with 100% Italian potatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Drink with:
Alcoholic drinks: we suggest a fruity aromatic white wine with a mellow taste – for example Soave Superiore Docg, served chilled. Or to intensify the summer feeling, try the Doc sparkling version of this wine with its long-lasting fine bubbles that will serve to enhance the summery tomato flavour.

Non-alcoholic drinks: we suggest a classic Italian Bitter. Serve chilled with ice cubes, without adding sparkling water or fruit.

Try with:

patatine classiche Da vinci