Summer vegetables sauce

A sauce full of delicious vegetables that only the summer season can provide. Fresh, light, and full of natural ingredients, this sauce will be enjoyed by anyone who tastes it: young or old, health buffs or foodies.

  • Time: 20'
  • Difficulty: chef

Ingredients for 4 people:

100 g red onion, 100 g juicy tomato, 100 g green courgette, 100 g blue plums, 1/2 juicy yellow pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper.

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salsa orto estivo

Wash and cut the vegetables into small pieces – remove the core and seeds from the pepper first - then blend everything together to obtain a smooth sauce. Add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil until you obtain the desired thickness. Add salt and pepper to taste. Let the sauce stand for a few minutes in a cool place – do not place in the fridge.

Top tips:
Tips for a fresh and summery flavour: add some mint leaves to the vegetables. Serve in small dishes, one per guest; or for sharing in one larger bowl. Enjoy the sauce with Pata Classic Crisps – add a small amount of sauce to each crisp. Also delicious with Pata multi-grain Penta Grani.

Drink with:
Alcoholic drinks: we suggest a light and fruity sparkling white wine served chilled. For example Serpino dei Colli Euganei or a sparkling Pignoletto dei Colli Bolognesi.

Non-alcoholic drinks: we suggest a classic fruit cocktail made with summer fruits – peach, apricots, strawberries – sparkling water and ice cubes.

Try with:

patatine classiche pentagrani