Cucumber sauce

This oriental sauce is delicate with a subtle flavour. Cucumber is an often unloved vegetable because it can be difficult to digest. The trick, however, is to prepare this excellent vegetable by removing the liquid part that is mainly responsible for its heaviness.

  • Time: 20' + 2 hours flushing out time for the cucumbers
  • Difficulty: chef

Ingredients for 4 people:

2 large cucumbers, 60 g “OO” flour, 60 g butter, 2 table spoons of white wine vinegar, 100 ml light plain yogurt, salt, pepper

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Cut the cucumber into thick slices (around 1 cm thick), cover the slices with coarse salt and leave them to flush out their liquid for at least a few hours. This way the liquid, bitter and indigestible, will be removed. After a few hours, wash the slices, dry them and cut them into cubes. Heat the butter in a pan, add flour, and mix until you get a smooth cream with no lumps. Slowly add the vinegar, salt and pepper. Wait for the vinegar to blend into the cream and then add the yogurt. Bring the sauce to the boil and cook for 5 or 6 minutes until you get the thickness you desire. Leave the sauce to cool and serve it freshly-made at room temperature, in wide low bowls.

Top tips:
Try using a light Greek yogurt – in addition to creating a light sauce that is low in fat, you’ll create a taste that is slightly different from the original recipe. We suggest trying this sauce with our Pata rosemary flavour or tomato and basil flavour hand-crafted crisps. Dip away!

Drink with:
Alcoholic drinks: so as not to lose the lightness and freshness of the sauce, we suggest pairing it with a wine such as the Garda Classico Chiaretto Doc, a wine from the Garda Bresciano park made from red grapes with a clear vinification to produce a beautiful rose petal colour.

Non-alcoholic drinks: perfect with a freshly-made grapefruit, cucumber and mint juice.

Try with:

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