De’ Medici Orange Sauce

A sauce that has its origins in the kitchen of the De’ Medici family, the Lords of Florence. Although citrus fruits first spread throughout the south of Italy, it was the merchants of Florence during the De’ Medici era who were responsible for their spreading throughout the country. And this is why we often see these fruits used in Medici cuisine.

  • Time: 25'
  • Difficulty: chef

Ingredients for 4 people:

80 g butter, 200 ml white wine, 6 large ripe oranges, a pinch of salt

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First of all heat up the butter in a pan, slowly add the wine, allowing it to blend with the butter. Let the wine evaporate and let the sauce thicken. Slowly add the juice from the oranges and add salt to taste. Then continue to cook the sauce until you obtain the desired thickness. Once the sauce has finished cooking, add two teaspoons of finely grated orange zest and mix well.

Top tips:
Instead of a dry white wine you could use an aromatic white wine like a dry Malvasia secca or a Gewurtztraminer from the Alto Adige region. The fragranced and floral notes of these wines will enhance the aroma and the intensity of the oranges, creating a sauce with a distinctive aromatic flavour. Serve the sauce freshly-made, at room temperature, and in small glasses. We suggest enjoying this highly aromatic sauce with our Pata Grilled Crisps or our Pata tomato and basil flavour grilled crisps.

Drink with:
Alcoholic drinks: to continue to enhance the aromatic notes of the salsa, we suggest accompanying the salsa with the same white wine used to prepare it. Enjoy your aperitif with an aromatic Gewurtztraminer from the Alto Adige region or a dry sparkling Malvasia from Colli Piacentini.

Non-alcoholic drinks: a refreshing Ace juice served chilled with ice and a slice of orange to garnish the glass.

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