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A 35-year-old story

Pata was born in 1981 in Medole in the province of Mantova as a crisps producing company. The company, owned by Remo Gobbi, slowly grew and eventually set up on its current production site in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN). Today, Pata is one of the main Italian industrial players in the sector, specialising in the production of savoury snacks. Pata stands out on the market due to its dynamism and ability to produce and launch innovative and unique products like its hand-cooked crisps - Pata’s best-selling flagship product. The wide range of products includes classic and grilled crisps, corn puffs, tortilla chips, popcorn, peanuts, and many many more.

pata azienda

In figures

Pata’s production and logistics area has been enlarged with an additional 8,000 m² of covered floor space with 40 loading platforms to ensure that the company can respond to the demands of the market and its clients. As part of this enlargement plan, a new and modern test laboratory has also been built.

More than 300 employees.

With a surface area of more than 44,000 m², Pata now has 22 production lines.

selezione delle migliori patate

The very best quality potatoes

At Pata, we select out potatoes from Italy and Europe to ensure continuity of supply and, above all, the very highest quality standards. Our warehouses are air-conditioned and humidified meaning that the high quality of the potato is maintained from picking right through to the peeling phase. Ongoing technological developments, research, and strict controls all guarantee the high quality of our final product.

stoccaggio delle patate pata

Producing excellent crisps is a question of principals

The freshness and taste of Pata crisps is a reflection of the efficiency and efforts made by a large company to create its own success story by following a few simple rules with dedication and passion. At Pata, production of crisps has become into an art form that requires quality, care and a need to satisfy the preferences of our clients.

friggere le patate

Flawless frying

For the frying phase, Pata uses only vegetable oils from suppliers selected following strict specifications. Quality control is carried out by the company laboratory.

servizio pata

A complete service

Outstanding service and the guarantee of product freshness go hand in hand. Packaging lines are 100% automated. The freshness of Pata crisps is a reflection of the efficiency and dedication of a large national and international distribution network that uses mainly Pata’s own fleet of vehicles.

Pata Quality starts at the farm

remo gobbi patatine

At Pata, quality means offering excellent and safe products that satisfy the taste preferences of our clients.

The quality of our raw materials and our packaging materials is ensured through: a careful selection of suppliers; detailed purchasing specifications; rigorous control of each supply batch entering the production chain; re-examination and control of products when entering the production line

Quality throughout the entire production process through: monitoring at each production phase; control during the packaging phase.

Quality of the finished product, sampling for final analysis and archiving of product samples for each production batch.

Our certification

laboratorio pata

Pata has a department and a specialised onsite laboratory equipped with modern tools to carry out the main daily direct controls. Pata’s efforts are certified by a Quality Guarantee System that has allowed the company to obtain three important certifications, all recognised at the global level:

bureau veritasIFS
bureau veritasIFS FOSSADONE
bureau veritasBRC FOOD

We care about the environment

ambiente pata

Pata has always worked in full respect of environmental standards to offer our clients not only excellent high-quality products but also innovation and respect of the environment. Pata uses:

1- a system that reduces frying fumes through efficient scrubber systems
2- purification of waste water and its release into the nature
3- production of renewable energy though photovoltaic installations